WATCH: Make-Up Legend NikkieTutorials Gives Our Destiny A Call

Make-up legend Nikkie Tutorials was meant to be in charge of this year’s Eurovision socials, giving us all the behind-the-scenes info and gossip.

But since Eurovision 2020 got cancelled, Eurovision fans are being treated to a little segment called Eurovision calls, where Nikkie has a little one-on-one session with all the participants that were meant to make their way to The Netherlands earlier this month.

This week, it was Maltese sweetheart Destiny’s turn.

We just love how the conversation started, especially since Nikkie spent a hot minute complimenting Destiny on her ‘stunning face’.

A bit of make-up talk and friendly banter later, Nikkie starts asking about Destiny’s musical inspirations, leading to Destiny nailing a bit of Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’.

From singing ‘All Of My Love’ for her grandpa, outfit, lighting and staging plans for ‘All Of My Love’ on the Eurovision stage, to her reaction when she found out Eurovision was cancelled.

They even talk about Destiny’s chances of representing Malta in 2021, and her favourite contestant from this year.

Nikkie’s interview basically answers all our Eurovision and Destiny related questions.

What an absolute sweetheart!