WATCH: Lydia and Giorgia Abela Share Some Advice on How To Cope With “New Social Reality” We’re Facing

Covid-19 has given all of us a new normal, there’s no denying it. We have been advised to stay inside as much as we can and not leave our homes unless we absolutely have to. Lydia Abela, wife of Malta’s Prime Minister, and daughter Giorga-May have released a heart-warming message, giving courage to the Maltese public, and offering some tips on how we can stay strong, and get through these difficult times.

“We need to learn how to use this time at home in the best way possible,” Lydia Abela shares. “ is the perfect platform for this,” she continues.

Thank you Lydia and Giorgia Mae for this heartwarming message

We at Malta Together are honoured that Dr Lydia Abela has decided to be a Patron to our initiative .Thank you Lydia and Giorgia Mae for this heart-warming message . Stay Safe and Stay Home with Malta Together

Publiée par Malta Together sur Samedi 11 avril 2020

“Together as one, we can make a difference. Stay safe, stay home, with Malta together,” Giorgia advises at the end. is a centralised platform where people can share their initiatives and services offering, online services like classes, tips, how to keep the kids occupied etc. You can find all service providers that offer delivery, or can provide maintenance and repair services for any appliances you need.  Best part of all? It is SUPER simple to use!

“We have over 230 initiatives ranging from exercise classes, language classes, arts and crafts, wine classes. and loads of things you can do while at home,” Mark Weingard, the brains behind shares.

There’s even a helpline guide, guiding you to resolving any problem you might currently be facing, including guided councelling and psychotherapists, amongst others.

“If you offer a service, you can visit the website and you’ll find a section that allows you to submit a service. It takes less than a minute to put in all your details and have your service showing on our site. You can do the same with any initiatives you might have.” is part of a non-profit initiative, and was created by ‘The Academy of Givers’, a philanthropic association seeking to inspire social cooperation among the business community of Malta. It is currently run by employees of the Iniala Group in Malta, but looks to operate independently in the future as the initiative grows.

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