WATCH: Lydia Abela Reaches Out to Domestic Abuse Victims During These Difficult Times

In her latest video, Lydia Abela, the wife of Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela, urges victims of Domestic Violence in Malta to reach out for help in any way that they can amidst the Covid-19 situation that has asked citizens to remain inside and not leave their homes unless they absolutely have to.

“Today my thoughts are with those for whom home isn’t peace, safe and calm space. People who live in environments of violence and fear of their own relatives,” she said. “For these people, the fact that they are unable to leave their home and remain inside is scary, sad and sometimes dangerous.

“I urge all of these people to take action and immediately report to the police or to visit a pharmacist or doctor and have them advise you on what to do.”

F'dan iż-żmien għandna naħsbu f'dawk li qegħdin ibatu fis-silenzju

"F'dan iż-żmien għandna naħsbu f'dawk li qegħdin ibatu fis-silenzju"Dr Lydia Abela

Publiée par Lydia Abela sur Vendredi 17 avril 2020

She continues on by thanking healthcare workers, police officers, cleaners, soldiers, pharmacists and supermarket workers, who are staying away from their families, leaving their home to provide us with a public service. .

“These people can’t stay at home with their families. They need to leave the house and put their lives at risk. Let’s thank these extraordinary people by obeying the health directives. I know it’s not easy, I know there are moments we will stumble, but let’s all do out part. Besides making life better for us, we’ll also be making life better for those who leave their homes to take care of us. Stay at home.”

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