Rescued turtle returns to the wild at Malta’s Gnejna Bay

A turtle has been released back into the wild after being rescued off the Maltese coast four days ago.

Harry, the loggerhead turtle, was freed from Gnejna Bay on Monday morning by members of Nature Trust.

He has also been microchipped for record purposes.

Harry spent the weekend being nursed back to health after being spotted in struggling in Sliema Creek on Friday.

He was covered in fishing line, ropes and netting.

A spokesman for Nature Trust – FEE Malta told 89.7 Bay News: ‘The rescue boat found the turtle completely entangled in a net and other debris and in danger of being hit by passing boats.

‘The turtle was taken to a vet to slowly remove all entanglement and check that the turtle has no injuries from all the debris.’

Good luck Harry and safe swimming!

What should I do if I spot a turtle in trouble?

Nature Trust Malta has some great advice about what you need to do if you encounter an injured turtle.

If you do manage to catch the turtle, you need to cover it with a wet towel and keep it in a well shaded area.

It’s not a good idea to free the turtle yourself, as you might make the injuries far worse.

When turtles are released back into the sea without proper care, they’ll most probably die from their injuries.

Always contact the Nature Trust wildlife team on 9999 9505 – they’ll be able to assist and take the turtle to a specialist vet.