WATCH: Love Island Australia contestants reveal that they’re MALTESE!

Season two of Love Island Australia premiered on Monday, and guess what? There’s a half-Maltese hunk stealing the Love Island spotlight! But that’s not all!

27-year-old hearth-throb, Adam Farrugia is definitely a snack and a half, but so is his half-Maltese love interest Cartier Surjan.

That’s right! There are 2 of them!

He has unsurprisingly worked as a model in Sydney and has traveled to the United States and Europe.

Adam first applied for the American Love Island but didn’t make the cut.

“It didn’t end up happening, so I thought, why don’t I have another crack? My dating history is dismal I’ve never really had a proper girlfriend,”.

But now Adam seems to have found his perfect match, in a half-Maltese lass, much like himself.

And as per every Maltese person who finds out they have the same surname in one way or another … the dreaded question popped up?

‘Are we related?’

Well, we really hope not cos you two are couple goals.

Jokes aside, Adam later on admitted he would like to get to know Cartier better.

“Yeah, she’s like a really nice girl. She’s really reserved. Completely different. Completely opposite to me,” Adam said in the Beach Hut.

“Cartier might ground me just because like we’re so opposite. I don’t know. It’s only early stages. It’s only early days.”

And with this we’ve got a mission for all the Maltese-Australians living in the land down under … better get voting, cos just imagine if a half-Maltese couple were to win Love Island …

Absolute Dnegels.


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