WATCH: London’s Getting A Life-Sized Monopoly Game This Summer


It’s no secret that many of us have resorted to playing board games over the ongoing course of the pandemic – so why not amplify your gaming experience and take part in a life-sized game of Monopoly on the streets of London?



That’s right, Gamepath is launching a 4D experience game that involves real-life participation, made up of a HUGE board, escape rooms AND team challenges!



Basically, players move around the board as they face challenges in full-sized location-specific rooms in order to acquire that particular property (we’re looking at you, Mayfair)


The life-sized game is under construction (Credit: Hazbro)


The organisers have explained, ‘The challenges will be a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and games that will test players’ skills and lateral thinking, and will be themed appropriately for the square, featuring either some historical or current day relationship with that part of London.’



Oh and, players also get their own Monopoly token so that they can earn money when they pass GO! Plus, they’ll risk going to jail and come across Chance Cards and Free Parking cards, along the way too.


The game is still in construction but will launch in August (Credit: Hazbro)


And in case you were wondering, the game will consist of a 75-minute gameplay segment on a 15x15m board, featuring 8 properties, 2 Utility Companies, 2 Train Stations, Jail, Free Parking, Go, and Just Visiting. Each board can host between 8 and 24 people, split into 4 competing teams.


This will be the first life-sized game in the world and is set to open on 14th August! So, if you’re looking for your next exciting trip, head on over to their website for an ‘immersive, on your feet version of the world’s favourite family game brand.’


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