WATCH: Local Band SCAR Launch New Single – “Never Enough”


SCAR have left their mark on the music scene throughout the noughties and last year they broke radio silence once again with their track ‘by the way’ which was an instant hit with both previous fans and the new generation of music lovers with over 47k views of the music video on youtube.

2019 was a great year for SCAR, having been chosen as the supporting act for the popular British band ‘James’ and were also part of the line up at the Farsons Beer Festival.

Yesterday, Konrad, David, Michael, and Axel dropped their latest single ‘Never Enough’. It is a track that remains faithful to the bands’ signature sound they are loved for and has a feel good melody which will instantly give you a positive vibe from the very first guitar chord.



The lyric video was created by the talented Duane Laus from Lava Graphics who has become synonymous for his work on these kind of music videos.

Frontman Konrad Pule says ” Due to the Covid situation, the music scene all over the world came to a halt and all our plans for this year were turned upside down. We decided to release ‘Never Enough’ as it’s an upbeat song and the lyrics give out a positive message which we think is something that we all need right now”

There may be a few fences to jump to get back to the way things were for musicians and artists but whether it’s in the coming weeks or months, you will definitely be calling out SCAR’s name soon. For now it is safe to say that we cannot get enough of their new song ‘Never Enough’.

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