WATCH: Live News Hilariously Interrupted By Child Asking Mum For Biscuits


Children are some of the sneakiest little beings on Earth, as well as masters of disregarding anything that’s happening around them and bee-lining to exactly what they want. This is very successfully summarised by the child of Sky News foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes, who strolls straight into his mother’s live broadcast to ask for biscuits. Check it out:



Absolutely owning the moment, her son storms right in and asks Haynes for biscuits. Seeing the opportunity he barters his way to two biscuits, knowing that his mum would say anything to get him out of the room! Smart kid, playing his cards just right.



Haynes was evidently startled at first, with her statement turning into: “David Cameron was talking about… Oh I’m really sorry, that’s my son arriving, really embarrassed, sorry,” She tried to dismiss the biscuit-beggar with a quick, “one second,”, yet he wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept tapping his mum asking, “Can I have two biscuits?”.


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Calmly and professionally, Haynes replied: “Yes, you can have two biscuits. Really sorry about that.” Unfortunately, the stream cut back to the studio with Mark Austin, covering up the situation with: “We’ll leave Deborah Haynes there, in full flow with some family duties.



Many viewers absolutely loved the little live invasion, saying: “It’s always OK to ask for a biscuit even when your mum is live on Sky News. Love the way she said yes very calmly! Mum goals right there.


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People loved it so much, that Sky News got criticised for cutting off the moment, sating: “Why don’t Sky News handle random children entering the room as well as the BBC?! Why cut away – we all live for kids repositioning photo frames and asking for biscuits on the telly?!”



And it’s true! I’m not going to lie, listening to the news is not on my top list of ‘fun weekend activities’, but occasionally popping onto the news channel and seeing the carefully planned live news interrupted by unexpected events like these makes the news worth watching!


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News of this even reached Piers Morgan, who got involved asking: “Why did you cut away @markaustintv – this was by far the best TV you’ve anchored for months… and @haynesdeborah was handling things with hilarious aplomb.



Although it might have been the safer option, considering that bargaining his way to those two biscuits might have inspired him to work his way up to the whole packet!

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