WATCH: Lily Collins Does It Again, and Is Showing Just How Versatile She Is!


Hey Upper East Siders, Chace Crawford who played Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl is now in a movie with Lily Collins in a new thriller called ‘Inheritance’. Lily Collins who is becoming more popular ever since ‘Emily in Paris’ was released on Netflix. Inheritance is now #3 in Malta.



If you like mysterious and suspenseful thrillers, this movie is the one for you! It is directed by Vaughn Stein and written by Matthew Kennedy. The cast includes Lily Collins (Lauren Monroe) and Chace Crawford (William) along with Simon Pegg (Morgan Warner / Carson Thomas), Connie Nielsen (Catherine) Patrick Warburton (Archer Monroe), Michael Beach (Harold Thewlis) and Marque Richardson (Scott).

In 2008, Archer Monroe (Patrick Warburton), the patriarch of a wealthy and powerful political family in New York City, passes away suddenly.



Archer’s estate is divided among his family: Catherine (Connie Nielsen), his wife; William (Chace Crawford), his son, a politician running for reelection; and Lauren (Lily Collins), his daughter, a Manhattan District Attorney. Privately, the family attorney Harold Thewlis (Michael Beach) gives Lauren a message from her father that leads her to a secret bunker beneath the family property, where she finds a stranger (Simon Pegg) being held in captivity.

The man identifies himself as Morgan Warner and says he’s been held prisoner for thirty years.


Movie Review - Inheritance (2020)


While Morgan is sleeping, Lauren takes a sample of his fingerprints and sends them for identification. Morgan claims he was once a friend and business partner of Archer’s, until one night when they were driving drunk and ended up killing a pedestrian.

#At Archer’s insistence, they covered up the crime before Archer took Morgan prisoner to stop him exposing the murder. In the intervening years, Archer treated Morgan like a confessor and admitted many of his secrets…..that’s the movie to find out what happens!