WATCH: Lil Nas X Drops Acapella Version Of ‘Montero (But Lil Nas Makes All The Sounds With His Mouth)’


Lil Nas X has just dropped a new version of ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name) last Friday… but this time, ‘Lil Nas X makes all the sounds with his mouth’.



With this a-cappella take on his latest hit track, Lil Nas X is serving us the Brady Bunch-style treatment in a colourful accompanying music video, which kicks off with a shirtless X singing the song’s melody into a red telephone handset.



So basically, Lil Nas is wearing every outfit I should’ve worn out to the clubs in 2020, pre-COVID.



Anyways, the artist is then joined by a chorus of other Lil Nas Xs, including one in a black suit jacket and wrap-around silver shades, and seven more in a variety of outfits – from an elaborate crimson and gold headdress to blue face paint…


Throughout the video, the nine-part harmony jumps from box to box, filling the screen with many Xs rocking bright red lips, spooky contacts, and bright eyeshadow.

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