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WATCH: LEX Releases His Latest Track – “Happy Without You”


LEX’s latest release, “Happy without you” encapsulates the long awaited summer energy and happy uplifting elements.



As he told Jake on Malta’s Top 10 this week, this song is all about capturing the sounds of summer imagining you’re on a beach or dancing the night away. It’s lyrics have a positive message that you can move on in life and be happy even though a particular person isn’t there anymore.

LEX told Bay that he “started writing Happy without you back in early February. The sole aim was to create a track that suits the summer energy and I wanted something that I can play in my gigs but also something that people can play in a car or on the beach – something they can enjoy with their friends.”

He also said that when COVID-19 struck and everything got shut down, I thought about delaying the track’s release because “I wasn’t going to be able to share this with the people. However I kept the release as is since it was pretty much finished already. Thankfully, at least here in Malta, we seem to be slowly getting back on track so I get to play it out to people after all !”


You can fnd out if this new tune will make it to Malta’s Top 10 with Jake, Monday at 9pm!