WATCH: “Let’s go. Let’s begin again!” – Air Malta Taps Into Our Wanderlust With New Video


Most of us have been longing for the moment to fly again. We have taken TikToks of us next to a TV screen showing landing views, we have taken videos of us walking along our corridors with our luggage and passport…direction: nowhere, and we have simply waited for that press conference announcing the reopening of the airports.

Let’s face it, sometimes the Island fever can get to us, and it brings with it that sense of wanting to travel and see the world. In less than a month, MIA will be reopening, and our national airline Air Malta, will be operating to some of our favourite spots – and yes, we cannot wait!

To remind us of this, Air Malta have today premiered an awesome video, with one beautifully-written poem, and awesome views of Malta and Gozo.



Some time has passed,

I stopped, to take a breath,

I know you did too.

We have been distant, but I needed to reflect, rethink, reimagine.

We made so many sacrifices but we did our part.

I’m ready now. Are you? It’s time! Let’s Go! Let’s Begin Again!

We’ll be together soon! I miss you!

I miss the weightlessness and the warmth.

The sun on our cheeks, our feet on the earth.

We’re free! We’re soaring! We’re back!


Tag your perfect travel companion. Then grab your passport, your luggage, your mask, and off we go!

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