Watch: KSI and Craig David Perform Hit Single As Holograms


Pandemic restrictions have obviously led to many concert-less months, something which thousands of music fans have missed and can’t wait to attend again. However, not all hope is lost, since KSI and Craig David might have just cracked the code for concerting right from home!

These two artists, featuring Digital Farm Animals, recently partnered up to create their new hit “Really Love”, which has been making the rounds of TikTok as well as global and radio charts, reaching number 1 on the Official Big Top 40 chart.



In order to bridge the gap between artists and fans that concerts usually do, KSI and Craig David collaborated with LADBible to create a virtual performance of the song that would bring the artists straight to your bedroom!

Partnering with Proper Loud Music and MBA Live, the artists created an exclusive to LADBible hologram performance, which can be accessed by fans on

Simply by using your phone, you can scan the QR code and access the performance! Seems like something straight out of a Star Wars movie!



I’ll admit, it is not the first time artists have used holograms for their live concerts, but bringing these holograms directly to fans through their phones is definitely a first!

I literally just tried it out (well, while I was writing this, but you get the point) and I must admit it is pretty incredible. It’s quite exciting watching KSI standing and performing his song right in front of me on the living room carpet, with Craig David teleporting in to sing the chorus.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, try it out! Show your friends, show your family, confuse your dog! The world is your oyster, and KSI and Craig David are your personal performers!