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WATCH: Jugglers Spotted Performing at Gzira Crossing Lights, Keeping Drivers Entertained

The circus came early this year?

We don’t really know what’s going on here, because as much as we love seeing James Cordon’s Crosswalk the Musical, we never thought we’d see anything of the likes here in Malta…

It’s no musical, but the juggler did keep drivers entertained! (or at least, we hope they were…)

Dylan, who sent us the video earlier today, told Bay: “It was fun to watch, but I can’t imagine the amount of swearing the poor guy received, stopping traffic just so people could see him juggling.”


And we can’t help but agree… it’s a sweet gesture, and maybe now that the roads are empty and no one is in a particular hurry to get anywhere, we can appreciate a gesture like this…

But can you imagine the guy pulling juggling tricks on a Monday at 9 am, when everyone is rushing to work?

What do you think?

Should Malta have more of these Cross light jugglers?

Let us know in the comments below.