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WATCH: Jolene Samhan Releases her Debut Single and We’re Loving It!



Jolene Samhan is Malta’s new kid on the block. Born and raised in Nadur with Brazilian, Palestinian and a German-Polish background, she does not only look the part but she is definitely ambitious to produce a unique sound as she enters the music industry bound to be one of Malta’s strongest and loudest voices.

Jolene’s professional singing career jump-started by being one of DCapitals Big Band’s resident singer. The 15-piece brass band gave her the opportunity to perform in various locations on the islands as well as abroad. Her first taste of producing music was through ‘Place’ in collaboration with Micimago and Shaun Axiaq where she featured as a singer and songwriter for the production.

Jolene’s involvement in Spazju Kreattiv’s songwriting program allowed her to really consider what music she wanted to produce. She started to experiment with constructing songs, reverting back to her home piano amidst the pandemic. Music flowed out of her like an unconscious stream. This was the birth of Jolene’s first original song: ‘February 1st’. ‘February 1st’ was also a moment of realisation in Jolene’s musical career back in 2020 where she came to a point of self-questioning her ambitions and aims in her musical career.

“I was having a really intense conversation with someone very close to me and they really opened my eyes to thoughts I knew I was subconsciously pre-occupied about but never really strived hard enough to deal with. I believe so much in the Maltese phrase ‘Tahsad dak li tizra’ which means that you only get what you want if you work for it. I finally took the first step and that was spending some intimate time at the piano,” Jolene told Bay.

It was this same songwriting programme that introduced Jolene to MTeam’s Matthew James Borg who co-produced her debut single ‘February 1st’ together with our very own Micimago.

We are seriously in love with this tune, and we do think that it will not be long until it makes it to Malta’s Top 10 with Jake, which airs every Monday at 9:30pm.

Watch the music video for February 1st, below!