WATCH: Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura as Joe Biden on SNL


You heard that right! Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura as Joe Biden (try to keep up!) appeared on Saturday Night Live to mock Donald Trump after losing the election to Joe Biden.

The library of Jim Carrey’s iconic characters ranges from movie to movie, genre to genre, and era to era. Whether you watched his cartoony villain in The Mask, or felt sympathy for his misunderstood, furry, green character in How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the live-action, original one), then I’m sure many of us have fallen in love with Carrey’s eccentric portrayals of these iconic characters.



Now many movie-watchers in the 90’s were met with the crazy detective Ace Ventura, the film bearing the same name. So, Carrey brought back the character to poke fun at the election outcomes.



In Ace Ventura’s iconic style, Carrey as Ventura as Biden (okay, I’ll stop now, I promise) call Trump a “Luh – hoo – suh – her” showing a finger ‘L’ on his forehead. He continued to say that he can accept the results, and he wasn’t mad at them, all digs at Trump.



To be fair, Carrey also took digs at Biden himself, saying this like “I’ve never felt so alive, and I’m barely alive!”. Maya Rudolph and Alec Baldwin helped out, playing vice president Kamala Harris and Donald Trump respectively, and poking fun at their own characters in their own way.

Seems like no one is safe from these comedians!

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