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WATCH: Jellyfish ‘as big as a man’ spotted off Cornwall

This is the incredible moment two divers encountered a human-sized jellyfish as they swam off the coast of Cornwall.

The giant barrel jellyfish can be seen gliding through the water, as the awe-struck swimmers approach.

Underwater cameraman Dan Abbott captured the chance meeting on film, as wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly got a closer look at the majestic creature.

Lizzie said: ‘I turned around and noticed Dan was filming something and did a double take. It was enormous.

‘Easily as tall as me – I’m not very tall but that’s still 1.5m.’

Wildlife cinematographer Dan added: ‘The initial moment of seeing it was pretty mind-blowing.

‘We both surfaced and let out a massive cheer. It was the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen.

‘I honestly still can’t get over how amazing it was – and I’ve been in oceans all over the world.

‘I think sometimes we don’t realise there is such amazing marine wildlife but it’s out there and all you’ve got to do is go and find it.’

It was a momentous end to seven days of adventures, which the friends documented for a fundraising series called Wild Ocean Week.

The barrel jellyfish is the largest found in Europe’s seas.

The sting of the barrel jellyfish is not normally harmful to humans, though if you find one on the beach it’s best not to handle it as they can still sting when dead.

Day 7 WILD OCEAN WEEK ? | GIANT Barrel Jellyfish

Diving with a giant barrel jellyfish in Cornwall to celebrate the end of #WildOceanWeek with me Lizzie Daly WildlifeSpend 2 minutes of the end of WILD OCEAN WEEK watching this beautiful moment where I come face to face with a barrel jellyfish THE SAME SIZE AS ME while diving off of the coast of Falmouth ?So excited that I actually say 'Barrel Fish' instead of Barrel Jellyfish ha!!!What an INCREDIBLE experience – both Dan and I have never seen anything like it. I couldn't think of a better way to finish the week in celebrating our incredible oceans.For anybody who is in Cornwall do come on down to Maenporth today at 12pm for a beach clean. There should be a good crowd of us rounded up now so it will be fun – and it will be followed by a small talk about the trip! See you THEN Wonderful footage taken by Sharkman Dan

Publiée par Marine Conservation Society sur Samedi 13 juillet 2019