WATCH: James Corden pranks David Beckham with fake statue

From Cristiano Ronaldo to Mo Salah, there’s been a recent trend of footballers having statues made in their honour that just didn’t quite hit the mark.

Now, poor David Beckham thought he was the latest to be added to the Hall of Statue Infamy.

Late Late Show host James Corden thought it would be hilarious to unveil a truly hideous statue of the England football legend.

The result was a monstrosity that gave Beckham a horse face with an elongated chin, three teeth, a protruding backside and freakishly long arms.

They unveiled it to Beckham behind the scenes ahead of the ceremony to get his reaction.

Poor David tells the ‘artist’ that the statue can’t go out in front of the stadium because his parents are coming over from London to see it, his wife is coming to see it and if his children saw it ‘they’d probably cry.’

Watch the hilarious clip here:

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