WATCH: It’s “The Dress” Again, And We Can’t Take It!


A pair of sneakers, belonging to Billie Eilish have been unexpectedly and hilariously dividing the internet, with Eilish giving us all “the dress” in shoe form.

It all started on Saturday when the singer posted a video on her Instagram addressing somewhat of controversy around her Nike Air Jordans – which, apparently are mint and white, but for most of her fans and followers (including myself), the shoes are a shade of light pink and white.



“You guys are all my f–king dad,” she said while holding the shoes. “Years ago I was wearing these shoes and my dad’s like wow those shoes are so cool what are those like pink and white? PINK AND WHITE?”


Eilish apparently received an influx of messages agreeing with her father, because she went on to post a series of videos proving the shoes to be mint green and white.




Eilish even shared images of the shoes as they’re marketed by Nike. The particular colorway, released in 2017, was described by the brand as “Barely Green.” She continued to rant about the sneakers on Sunday, telling her off-camera mom, “I’m still pressed about this. ‘Cause the whole internet is gaslighting me!”

Many are saying the change in colour is to do with the whole indoors-outdoors debate. Either way, what do YOU See?

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