WATCH: Italians Roast Gordan Ramsay For Creating What They’re Calling ‘Nightmare Carbonara’

Much like us Maltese, Italians are obsessed with their signature dishes. Their pizza, their pasta, and all the amazing dishes that make Italian cuisine, probably one of the best around the world.

Now, Gordon Ramsay attempted a 10 minute carbonara pasta dish, and we couldn’t help but stare in awe at the amount of comments that came from angry Italians watching the video.

If we’re being honest, Ramsay’s dish isn’t all that new to us, especially since home-made carbonara in Malta, and even many restaurant served ones, are usually with peas, bacon and mushrooms… I mean … many of them are served with cream instead of egg yolks, but that’s a rant for another day.

But we couldn’t help but relate to the Italians, because I am a 100% positive, that if Ramsay attempted to screw up our Timpana, and call it a Maltese Timpana, oh honey… all hell would break loose and them some.

There are a loooot of comments from angry Italians attempting to school Ramsay on what a carbonara should be, but we’ve chosen a couple of our favourites for your entertainment:

“Unacceptable for a chef to disfigure carbonara recipe this way”

“Worst carbonara in the world, you shouldn’t be allowed to call it that way….call it shitload Ramsay special”

“Have to agree with everyone’s concern about the debasement of this sacred dish. Pretty sure Ramsey, who I do sincerely respect and enjoy watching and learning from, killed a nonna every time he said “bacon”, “peas”, “mushroom”, etc… E’ probabile che lui sia un po’ pazzo con la quarantena. To his credit, though, he did qualify the dish by calling it “Carbonara alla Cornwall” at the very end of the video. So even he acknowledges it is something different.”

“Once you’ve finished this “Carbonara” you can throw into the bin 😪😪”

“And if my grandma had wheels, she would have been a bike. Chillies in a Carbonarra?! Gordon Gordon Gordon…. what will Gino say 😀 :D”

And perhaps our most favourite of all…

“This is not a carbonara. Madonna santa. Una vecchietta italiana muore ogni volta che lui dice CARBONARA. Santo iddio” (An old Italian woman dies every time he calls this dish a carbonara)

What do you think of Chef Ramsay’s Carbonara? Does it pass your nanna’s test? Let us know in the comments!

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