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WATCH: Is that snow in Hamrun?!?!

A video has been shared earlier today of what at first glance looks like snow, in Hamrun.

"Snow" in Hamrun today!👍😁(for the sake of the weak "quotation marks" means, not snow just look like snow…)

Publiée par Henrik Weiss sur Vendredi 13 décembre 2019

Watching the video a couple of more times, you’ll notice that it’s actually foam, but I guess you can say that it’s as close to snow as we’ll probably ever get here in Malta.

Why was there foam pretending to be snow and toying with our emotions in the middle of one of Hamrun’s busiest streets? We don’t know.

Was it done on purpose or not?

Maybe it’s to get people in the Christmas spirit?

We think it’s a lovely addition to the already beautifully decorated town, so whoever it is that is organising this, we hope to see more of it!

Have you seen foam snow in Hamrun? Send us your photos and videos!