WATCH: Instagram Artist Creates Minesweeper Game Out Of Valletta’s Parliament Building

Creative artist Rich McCor, aka Paperboyo, uses cut-out paper to meticulously and cleverly alter landscapes, buildings and monuments.

He then posts the result for his 477K followers to see on Instagram.

In his years on Instagram, he has worked on countless wonders from places around the world- including London, Paris, New Zealand and Los Angeles.

This is not the first time he’s been in Malta- you may remember some of his work back in 2015, such as when he turned an ordinary cliff in Gozo into The Lion King’s Pride Rock:

Or firing canons in Valletta:

Now, he’s back with another amazingly creative concept, and has used Valletta’s parliament building as his canvas.

We all remember playing minesweeper – even though, up till now, we have never actually figured how to play it.

We’d just press boxes and hope not to be met with the bomb symbol.

Paperboyo has given Valletta’s parliament building, the minesweeper treatment, and it looks so cool – check it out.

We can’t wait to see what Maltese place or monument, the guy will use next for his creative escapades.