WATCH: Incredible 3D Digital Model of the Royal Opera House

Matthew Pace has just uploaded this stunning 3D-Render Video of The Royal Opera House as it stood before it suffered fatal damages during the Second World War.

Posting this gem of a video on Facebook, Matthew said that he really pushed the software (Far Cry 5) to the limit, to recreate the opera house and its environs in as much detail as possible. He said that despite the limitations of the tools, he is really happy with the results – and we are too, because it looks pretty much amazing, and it makes us realise what a jewel we lost.

In the video, Matthew also went as far as re-creating the stunning Porta Reale, as well as the interior of the Royal Opera House.

Speaking to Bay, Matthew said the idea began “when I realised that I had never seen a photograph of the interior of the opera house. Compared to number of images of the building facade, photos of the auditorium and halls are fairly sparse. Around this time, I was tinkering with the map editor packaged with the Far Cry 5 video game, and I realised that this could be a great tool to bring this historical building to life!

I began working on the Royal Opera House around early October 2019, and I’ve consistently spent a few hours on it each week. The scope of the project certainly grew in complexity when I decided to add Palazzo Ferreria and Porta Reale, but I hope that through this recreation viewers might get some sense of what Valletta and the Royal Opera House could have been like in the early 20th century.”

Matthew says that he remembers “seeing the ruins of the Royal Opera House every time I walked into Valletta with my grandparents, and wondering what this building must have looked like when it still stood at the entrance of the city. Inaugurated in 1866 during the British colonial period, the opera house was gutted in a fire in 1873, renovated and finally re-inaugurated in 1877.”

Matthew also said that he drew inspiration for what the theatre and the area looked like from old postcards and photos.

“While it stood, the Royal Opera House was a staple subject of postcards and holiday photographs, and the exterior is well-documented. On the other hand, images of the interior are a lot harder to find! I wanted to recreate the experience of visiting the opera house sometime between 1925 and 1935 using the Far Cry 5 Arcade editor and whatever photos and floor plans I could find.”

Big Thumbs up from all of us at Matt!



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