WATCH: In 1984 A Video Was Released Explaining How To Check Your Email


A video which dates back to 1984 demonstrates how to send an email shows how far technology has come.


At this day and age, this video feels surreal watching it as checking your email is usually as quick asclicking an icon on your phone.


Which has made it a challenge to avoid emails on your off days.



However, it wasn’t always like this, the emerged video shows the steps required to check messages back then.


Technology reporter Jon Erlichman shared this video which gives an insight into how tricky the world was before the internet.


It also illustrates large attachments required to read the messages while on the move.



The  video begins with the presenter attempting to access messages from his home while on a train revealing large modem that the phone slots into to make the connection.



He even performs this process while sitting on the floor in a hotel room where he dials the number for London, and then the number for the computer before the telephone lets out a tone.


Then he proceeds to make use of a screen and a small keyboard where he types his details and starts going through the messages.


old email (Jon Erlichman/Twitter)


The video also prompted discussions about why payphones have disappeared from trains as people lamented their signal on public transport.


Others talked about the fact that the internet as we know it didn’t even exist when the video was made.



Infact, in 1989, the World Wide Web was officially invented however some of the technology that allowed for this to happen is being used  here.



It seems that reading emails used to require a lot of effort. With that in mind, many of us today are grateful about their smartphones!

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