WATCH: Impressive Restoration of The Grandmasters’ Crypt at St John’s Co-Cathedral

After more than 15 years of extensive restoration, St John’s Co-Cathedral has now added ANOTHER reason why this architectural gem should be on every person’s “to-visit” list.

Yesterday, the restored Grandmasters’ Crypt was inaugurated – an inauguration which renewed the opening of the Crypt for visitors to the Cathedral which receives more than half a million tourists a year. The Crypt is accessed from a flight of steps from the chapel of the Langue of Provence.


The restoration and conservation project to protect this unique monument was financed by The St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation – a project that amounted to approximately half a million Euro.



This project started with climate monitoring, to survey the damage of the limestone monuments and tombstones of the Grand Masters.

Then the restoration started – a delicate process as every artefact needed specific treatment. The restoration process also used some of the latest technology in the field such as nanotechnology.

The Curator of St John’s Co-Cathedral, Ms Cynthia de Giorgio explained that this was followed by the installation of an Environment Control System to keep constant levels of temperature and relative humidity. With the assistance of 3D digital modelling the passages for the ducting were identified with the least intervention possible. The Curator expressed her satisfaction for the successfully completion of this project that now makes the Crypt accessible for the knowledge and interest of future generations.



Photos: DOI – Jeremy Wonnacott  / Archdiocese of Malta – 

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