WATCH: “I’m Just Millie” – Meet the OG M to the B!


We’ve all seen it, we’ve all tried it (and maybe saved it in drafts), and we all find ourselves rapping “It’s M to the B, it’s M to the B…”

If that is familiar then you’ve probably seen TikTok’s most-watched clip ever. In August, creator Bella Poarch posted a short clip of her looking from side to side as she lip-synced to M to the B. Shortly after, like Bang, she was a TikTok sensation. But the story behind the track goes back four years to a foul-mouthed beef on the Blackpool grime scene.

Its creator Millie Bracewell says the original was made as “a laugh” – and she hopes its viral success will help her launch a music career.



Bella’s video has been watched almost half a billion times, liked 38 million times and had 1.2 million comments. More than seven million people have made their own videos using the track – called M to the B by Blackpool musician Millie B.



“I had messages from other people telling me it’s blown up on TikTok. I didn’t really think much of it,” says 20-year-old Millie Bracewell. “But then when I went on it for myself and saw how big it actually was, it was crazy.”

While the TikTok creation is simply an innocent video, the original track, which Millie recorded when she was 16, is anything but. Four years ago, the grime scene in Blackpool exploded as a group of MCs battled each other on YouTube, delving deep into their vast imagination to best insult each other, in diss tracks, or “sends”.



With the track, Bracewell was challenging the so-called queen of Blackpool grime, Sophie Aspin. The highly offensive trach has only one clean part, and thankfully it’s the part which made it onto TikTok.

We all know the best MC, is M to the B, it’s M to the B…

Aspin and Millie ended up collaborating on a track together, with Bracewell saying that she is a nice person, easy to get along with behind the scenes.



Millie told the BBC that she did the song just for laughs.

“That wasn’t me as a person back then, being nasty in the sends. Like I said, it was a front. That’s the sort of front that you have when you’re sending for someone. You’ve got to go in on them. But I wasn’t a nasty person. I’m nice. I’ll help anyone.”

“Now I have a daughter, obviously I wouldn’t like to hear her saying things like that. But I suppose that’s what people buzzed off back then. They liked the beef, they liked the funny side.”



Bracewell stopped rapping in 2017 and had her daughter two years ago. “I just stopped doing it [music] and focused on myself and my priorities,” she says. But she’s now hoping to take advantage of her song’s viral success. She’s amassed more than a million TikTok followers, and the like count on her own videos often reaches seven figures.

She also said that a couple of labels have gotten in touch adding that she’d like to make real music that relates to her.


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