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WATCH: Hidden Message Spotted In Baby Archie’s Book!


To celebrate little Archie turning one yesterday, Meghan Markle shared a cute video of her reading “Duck! Rabbit” – and royal watchers spotted an adorable addition to the book.


The video which was uploaded onto the Save The Children Instagram Page as part of the “Save With Stories” campaign, has over 235,000 views but fans were easy to spot a hidden message on the book. The campaign aims to raise funds for children and families struggling due to the coronavirus crisis in the UK and around the world.



Zooming onto the right hand side of the book near the the top there is a clue which would mean that little Archie could be following in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reece Witherspoon.

Royal fans revealed on social media that at very close inspection there is a white sticker with black writing that says “Archie’s Book Club”.

So is Archie one of the youngest ever famous names to set up his own book club?



Like anything else that happens, there was a huge amount of speculation on social media which seemed to point at the book being a gift from Oprah Winfrey.

The TV host set up her book club in 1996 and since then a majority of her selected books have become bestsellers.

One woman said: “Most likely a gift from Oprah, she is known to give her friends who just had babies a bookcase filled with books that says it’s their book club.”

Many others followed asking how to sign up for this book club. Well, whether this is true or not, this might be another way as to how the ex-royals will be making some of those private funds which they will need in their new life in LA.