WATCH: Heroic Maltese fishermen rescue turtle in distress

A Maltese fisherman has described how he rescued a turtle in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.

Julian Tanti and his collegaue Christopher Imbroll were out at sea gathering their catch when they came across the turtle with its flipper caught up in fishing wire.

They immediately went to the rescue, freeing the turtle and releasing it back into the wild.

The pair had no mobile reception and couldn’t call the wildlife rescue team Nature Trust Malta for help.

Julian told 89.7 Bay: ‘It was impossible to bring it back with us we were two days away from Malta.

‘It would die after two days on the boat so we decided to remove the rope and release it.’

If you ever spot a turtle in distress, we recommend that you always call Nature Trust – FEE Malta on 9999 9505.

Watch the video here:

Wara kedda irnexilna nehilsuwa povra Fekruna

Publiée par Julian Tanti sur Mercredi 18 septembre 2019

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