WATCH: Here’s How To Make The TikTok-Famous Baked Oats


There’s a new food trend on TikTok and it might not be the baked feta cheese pasta… but it’s much sweeter and makes for the perfect breakfast! So, we’re breaking down exactly how to make the infamous baked oats which supposedly resemble cake – and I mean, who doesn’t want to eat cake for breakfast?!



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♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei


Not only are they delicious, but they’re easy-to-make AND they’re good for you! Plus, there are so many versions of it, so you can even put your own little twist on it!



The best thing about baked oats is that you can adapt them to your dietary preferences and based on what’s available in your pantry.



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But to break it down, the essential and/or common ingredients are oats, baking powder, mashed banana, milk of choice, sweetener of choice (like maple syrup), fruits, chocolate chips, and other optional toppings like peanut butter!



Now, everyone on TikTok has their own way of making them, but make sure to start off by preheating your oven to 180°C. Then, make sure to combine the core ingredients with a whisk or better yet, a blender, then stir in any fruits or chocolate chips!



Reply to @loraetus bussin bussin #McDonaldsCCSing #VideoSnapChallenge #bakedoats #oatmeal

♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis


Finally, just pour the batter into an oven-safe bowl, bake for about 20 minutes, and voila! Make sure to let it cool a bit and then dig in!



white choc & raspberry baked oats, full method is on my insta @tazxbakes 🙂 #recipe #bakedoats #fyp

♬ Brazil – Declan McKenna


And if you’re looking for some fun variations, you can find it all on TikTok from strawberry cheesecake to cinnamon-roll flavours, I’m sure you’ll find one to satisfy your tastebuds!

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