WATCH: Here is Why Lewis Capaldi Changed His Twitter Name


Lewis Capaldi’s name came up in a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire earlier this week – a question which left contestant Clea Rawinsky completely stumped – with her reaction catching the attention of the singer.

The question was “Who recorded the UK number one album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent?” and the choices were Robbie Williams, Billi Eilish, Stormzy and Lewis Capaldi – and the answer was obviously Lewis Capaldi – who released the album in 2019.



Rawinsky ended up using two lifelines. She phoned a friend who had no clue, and she took two wrong answers from the four options, which led to THIS moment!

While thinking over her answer, Rawinksy said: “I don’t even know who Lewis Capaldi is!”



Here is what happened on Who Wants to be a Millionaire



Lewis Capaldi’s Reaction?

Known for his sense of humour on the internet, the Scottish singer quickly took advantage of the opportunity to poke some fun at himself.

This is why his Twitter Profile Name now is “i don’t even know who lewis capaldi is,” which was followed by a series of tweets, using the clip where the contestant (who in the end got the answer right), had no clue who he was.



Capaldi also tweeted: “‘I don’t even know who Lewis Capaldi is’ merch coming in the next few days.”



Jeremy Clarkson Never Misses an Opportunity for an Honest Comment

As we said, the contestant guessed the answer in the end, after coming up with a smart conclusion. Host Jeremy Clarkson, of TopGear Fame said to her “I don’t know anything about any of them except Robbie Williams, who I like, so I’m Completely Useless to You.”

In response, Rawinsky said: “You said you know of Robbie Williams, and you haven’t heard of that [album] so maybe I should take a risk and go for Lewis Capaldi, whoever he is?”



Locking in with Lewis Capaldi as her answer, Rawinksy got it correct, with the question worth £32,000 – but not before Clarkson passed one of his typical remarks.

Calling Lewis Capaldi an unknown man, he said, “trouble is, you only have to sell four albums these days to be a number one anyways, so it’s meaningless.”




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