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WATCH: Here Is What Went Down During The Bay Breakfast Hide and Seek!


Hundreds of listeners tuned in on Saturday morning to follow the special edition of Bay Breakfast which circled on the first-ever Nationwide Hide and Seek, which here at Bay we organised to Celebrate THREE Massive Years of Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia.

It all started an hour BEFORE the programme, when a secret clue was exclusively sent to all those who shared one of our posts on Friday. But for Daniel and Ylenia, it started a little bit before actually, as they had to make sure to leave to the venue, in total secret! Here is what went down!


The Bay Breakfast Hide & Seek 2020

It took 3 hours and 13 minutes for Jade, Elise & Brooke to find Daniel & Ylenia at Uno Malta and win €2,000 in cash! 😲Thanks for celebrating 3 years of Bay Breakfast with us! 🍾Powered by KitKat, Benna (Malta Dairy Products Ltd.), Cottons – Malta, Oxford House Ltd Malta, Finestral Malta, Berger Malta & Wellbeing Bedding

Publiée par 89.7 Bay sur Mardi 29 septembre 2020


With the help fo Bay Drive’s Pierre and Taryn, and also thanks to the clues given by Ira Losco and Ben Camille, nearly four hours after the start of the show,  Jade, Elise and Brooke ran in at Uno Village empty-handed, and they left with €2,000 in cash, and three mega smiles of happiness.



The girls told Daniel and Ylenia that the make-or-break moment for their mission came with Ben’s clue. They simply googled ‘palm trees, stairways and passageways’, and top Malta-related result was in fact UNO Village, and the rest is history!



We’d like to thank our winners, and the hundreds of people who were taking part in this massive competition to celebrate three years of Bay Breakfast with Daniel & Ylenia!

So, tell us, should we have another Hide and Seek?

The Bay Breakfast Hide & Seek was powered by Benna, KitKat, Berger Flexible Roof Compound, Finestral, Oxford House, Cottons and Wellbeing Bedding Collection.