WATCH: Here Is What People Googled This Year, as they Tried to Make Sense of 2020


Google has revealed its ‘Year in Search’ for 2020 – the year where most of us stayed home, discovered new hobbies, and turned to the internet as one of our main points of solace.

The list features the year’s top trending searches, which had a high spike in traffic. In a video which Google also released, it is more than apparent that during 2020, many people asked ‘why’ – including ‘why is toilet paper sold out?’.



A detailed look at the trends gives an even wider look at what people searched for during this year, which is soon coming to an end!

This year, we grew our collective awareness as global searches for invisible disability doubled, Google said, adding that an invisible disability refers to a condition that isn’t apparent from the outside, but affects a person physically, mentally, or neurologically.



And in what seemed to be a reoccurrence in lockdown/isolation – people turned to the internet to learn new things. How to learn coding was the top trending thing people searched to learn, with Python being the top-searched programming language.

With all the BLM activism which the world saw, and which was just as contagious as the COVID-19 virus, how to be anti-racist was searched more than how to be a millionaire – while for the first time, Black Lives Matter was searched worldwide.



Working-from-home slowly turned to cooking-from-home with sourdough bread recipes being the top searched recipe this year. This also led to ‘how to start a vegetable garden‘ being searched twice as much in 2020 than 2019. And with students and children all over, turning to online learning, together with their parents – how to be a teacher was searched more than ever in 2020.

Thinking, and over-thinking causes us to have trouble sleeping, and according to Google, you weren’t alone, as insomnia was searched more in 2020 than ever before.



It is in our nature to offer our help, and in 2020, the world searched how to help more than ever, with the top-trending how to help searches being: how to help australia fires, how to help Black Lives Matter, how to help during coronavirus, how to help beirut.

Other top searches include, searches for mask emoji, which surpassed searches for hug emoji; searches for how to donate, which was searched twice more than how to save money; searches for George Floyd, who was the most searched George; searches for virtual museums, which was the top trending virtual activity people searched to experience; searches for working from home with kids; searches for what day is it; searches for how to cut your hair; searches for how far can a sneeze travel; and,  searches for pranks on parents.

Explore all the list HERE

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