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WATCH: Heavy rain floods bus in Malta

Last week’s storm was crazy. There were open luggage floating around in flooded Msida streets and mini tidal waves forming in Swieqi.

But the rain was so heavy, that not even buses could avoid being hit by the force of the rain. Water levels in the streets got so high, that water penetrated into the bus and formed little puddles next to passenger seats.

But what really made our tongue pop in this video is the ‘Titanic’ sound track ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in the background.

Check it out.

Malta today🌌🛳

Publiée par Novica Krstanoski sur Lundi 28 octobre 2019

And the surprising part?

The passengers are completely unphased. They remained completely calm in the face of potential flooding.

Feet getting wet? Who cares!

And it’s not just a tiny bit of water, you could go ankles deep in the water that filtrated that bus…

But the ultimate trooper of all in this has to be the bus driver. To know that your bus is slowly flooding, but you continue to drive to your destinations when all other cars have clearly given up and are waiting for the rain to stop? Dnegel.