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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Roasts TikToker for Making Vegan Beef Wellington With Cucumber


Gordon Ramsay is practically the king of kitchen roasts by now (in more ways than one) and it looks like he’s struck again, as he roasted a TikTok chef who attempted to make a vegan beef wellington with cucumber…



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If you’re familiar with Ramsay, you’d know that Beef Wellington is a signature dish of his, so when Jordan Billham gave the classic food a vegan spin, well, Ramsay was less than impressed.



Basically, Jordan spreads the mushroom paste along with the leaves before plopping on cucumber in the middle, brushing some mustard on top and wrapping it in vegan puff pastry – to which Ramsay exclaims, ‘That looks like one of my wife’s toys from under the bed!’



AD| Veganuary 30/30: @wagamamauk Vegan Menu 🌱#veganuary #veganuary2021 #wagamama #tiktokkitchen

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Ramsay went on, ‘No come on, how dare you insult Wellington!’ and told him to go back to ‘the Vegan Teacher’s classroom’, aka Miss Kadie, who recently performed a song for Ramsay on how eating animals is wrong. Ramsay has responded to her in a video while eating a burger.



Veganuary 21/30: Creme Brûlée Donuts 🍩 #veganuary #veganuary2021 #homemade #learnontiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp

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As for Jordan, he took it all in good fun and thought it was an honour to have caught his attention. He also admitted he made the vegan Wellington in an attempt to catch his eye and shows off his actual dishes on his TikTok account.