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WATCH: Freaky Thunderstorm Over Malta Last Night


You might have been wondering what that noise was last night. You might have thought it was some odd fireworks, while some of us, who actually bothered to go out and check, saw it unfold in front of their eyes, Malta’s ‘Summer’ Thunderstorm, aka L-Ewwel Xita/l-Ewwel Maltempata/”Spicca s-Sajf Donnu!”

Bay Fan, Clint Camilleri has sent us this somewhat-satisfying video of the storm over Zabbar, which is pretty much satisfying to watch.



What can we expect this week?

We hate to be the party-poopers in what is the first long-weekend of September, but according to the Met Office at MIA, we are to expect some showers, with thunder at any given time today.



However, for the rest of the week, so far there is no storm of any sort forecast, with temperatures reaching highs of 31 Degrees, which is not bad, considering autumn is around the corner.



Friendly word of advice? Give some TLC to your drains to avoid any surprises, and while you’re at it, you might also want to change your wipers if their time is up!

Do you have some photos or videos from last night’s storm? Send them over to us on our socials and we’ll feature them!