WATCH: Francesca Rausi steals the show at Local Council Award Ceremony

Francesca Rausi has received a Merit Award by the Zabbar Local Council for her role in raising awareness across the island, specifically about Down-syndrome.

In true Francesca fashion, you can see her strutting down, on her way to getting her reward, blowing kisses to the audience and her parents along the way and she is just adorable.

While receiving the award, her mother Michelle shares how she doesn’t like using the word disability, because wherever there’s disability there’s a bigger sense of ability that motivates them to move forward. “It’s all the awareness and inclusion that is constantly creating a level of equality in our society that is helping people like us,” Michelle shares.

My pupina taking the award ❤️❤️❤️

Publiée par Michelle Rausi sur Dimanche 2 février 2020

Jorge Grech, mayor of Zabbar shares with Bay: ‘Throughout this year, the Local Council has changed the way its residents are recognised.

We’ve seen a lot of people work and contribute to this society in a multitude of way; they are of great example to those around them.

Despite being of a young age, Francesca Rausi has contributed greatly to this society and her abilities deserve recognition. People with disabilities should have an equal place in our society, and be given the necessary attention to continue thriving.

People like Francesca are of an amzing example to myself and others, to keep ourselves grounded and work towards doing more good. She motivates others who are in a similar situation to hers and shows them how they can do anything they set their mind to.

Well done Francesca! You’re an absolute star.

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