WATCH: Fleet Of UFOs Spotted Surrounding The International Space Station

A ‘fleet of UFOs’ may have been spotted during a livestream from the International Space station, according to a UFO hunter. Tin-Foil hats at the ready, let’s break this down.

While watching a livestream from the International Space Station (ISS) on July 3rd, UFO Hunter ‘Jeff’ (who, like any good conspiracy theorist, only goes by one name) spotted 10 strange cylindrical objects floating in a group around the space station as the ISS was orbiting above the South Atlantic.

Failing to come to his own conclusion, Jeff reached out to a professional (relatively speaking). He sent over the screenshots to Michael, a YouTuber who describes himself as a ‘Full-Time Earth Watchman’. Michael made a video covering the topic, which you can check out below. Trigger warning: it’s shot vertically.

For those of you questioning Michael’s role as, essentially, overseer of Earth, he describes his position as monitoring and keeping track of changes happening on Earth and around it and believing that there are secret explanations for these occurrences. Although, his contribution so far has been uploading videos of shots and videos sent to him by people like Jeff, so it’s no wonder that his role in the greater scheme of things might still remain a mystery.

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