WATCH: Famous comedian makes his way to Valletta as part of insane global marathon challenge

The challenge: 28 marathons in 28 days and 28 different countries.

British stand-up comedian Eddy Izzard, who is 57, by the way, made his way to Valletta just yesterday, to complete his 5th marathon right here in Malta.

That’s five down, 23 to go.

“This is my first time in Malta,”  Izzard said in one of his video posts on Twitter. “It gets easier in a few marathons. I am knackered, but I’m still going on and that’s good. ”

This week has been particularly cold in Malta, in fact, it is said to be the coldest week of the winter, and Izzard doesn’t fail to mention this in his last video from Malta.

“As you can see, it’s kind of blowy. Very blowy. It was a tough marathon. The first 10 are just not great,” a clearly knackered Izzard shares.

So far, Izzard has been in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and Malta as part of his ‘Make Humanity Great Again’ campaign.

Izzard has vowed to run 28 marathons in 28 countries in a bid to raise money for charities and represent unity.

“In our country and in our world, there is far too much talk about division. Let’s change that; let’s talk about unity and humanity, for unity is part of humanity,” he said.

“Now we Europeans have achieved so much since the end of the Second World War, no matter how governmental agreements have changed.

“We have achieved peace above all peace, trade, friendship, even love, the sharing of our cultures without losing our identities.

“So today, let’s start to put these divisions behind us. It is the perfect day to start something I have dreamt of doing for many years: run through 28 of the capitals of Europe,” he says, as he embarks on his journey on the first day since the UK officially left the EU.

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