WATCH: Evicted Worker Assaulted After Quitting Unethical Job In Malta


A horrifying video showed employer and landlord of Akram Shahbaz physically assaulting him after Shahbaz left his unethical work environment.



Akram Shahbaz from Pakistan was employed by Pierre William Buontempo. After Buontempo got the news that Shahbaz was planning on quitting from his company, he physically assaulted him and threatened to evict him as he was also the landlord of the residence he was living in situated in Mosta. This happened after Shahbaz realised he wasn’t fairly paid for the amount of work he did and Buontempo became verbally aggressove towards him whenever he asked to be given more money.



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It appears that this worker wasn’t the only one going through this situation as Buontempo warned all his tenants that they had to leave the residence by the end of the month. Although that attack on Shahbaz was filmed, the migrant worker had been allegedly assaulted by his employer and landlord the day before as well. According to Shahbaz, Buontempo told him that he is “a slave, came here a slave, and will go back as a slave”.


Following the filed police report on this case, Buontempo denied the assault despite the video evidence. He also claimed that his tenants never paid rent when on the contrary, they insistently said that they paid him rent by cash.



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