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WATCH: Ever Wondered Who Doris in ‘Ara Doris’ Is? Eileen Montesin FINALLY Explains It


There is no denying that as a nation we all have a special place in our heart for the undisputed Queen of Television, Eileen Montesin.

She has, over they ears, given us some great moments, on screen, and off screen – through her various programmes, her hit TV dramas, and her hosting gigs – such as, at Malta’s Carnival Celebrations in Valletta.



It was these celebrations that gave us the iconic ‘Ara Doris’ moment, which we all playback when we need to put a smile on our faces, as Eileen’s positivity radiates and transmits even via YouTube!



In an interview on MT Lifestyle, Eileen (in her usual positive manner) answers 73 questions, about life in general, and one of the questions was ‘who is your role model?’



Eileen immediately answers that her role model is Doris from Ghaxaq, and then goes on to explain that this is the same Doris who was in Valletta for Carnival all those years back!

“Doris is a mother of three children, who today are grown-ups, but I have known her for many years and she always abided by what her children did and decided, whatever it was. She simply adored her children, and I have always said that if I had to be a mum, I would be like her,” Eileen said.



In the interview Eileen speaks about he vast career, her mishaps, her skin regime, and how she would love to sit down and have a coffee, with Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Grant.