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WATCH: ERRC – Here’s All You Need to Know About this Awesome Gozitan Organisation


As we all know, Summer on the Maltese Islands is just a big invitation to no other place than the BEACH! A place to relax, bake in that piercing Mediterranean heat of summer, and cool off with a dip in the salty sea. However, it brings with it many risks and that is where ERRC comes in.



ERRC, which stands for Emergency Response and Rescue Corps, is an NGO based in Gozo and Comino. Made up of four main divisions namely, ambulance and first aid coverage, water rescue, rope rescue, and the training division, each division is active all year round offering a variety of services; from first aid coverage at events to patient transport.



Paul Parnis, ERRC’s water rescue supervisor, greeted Bay at HQ as he explains the ins and outs of the organisation. “We as supervisors are always ready to respond; spending our days going from one beach to another, supplying beaches with whatever they may need, and making sure everything is okay.” All of this would not be possible without his trusty team of people who volunteer to help manage all the beaches where the organisation offers its services.



The organisation holds recruitment courses regularly with the intent of identifying what “the potential recruits are into” and as Parnis states, “We always want our volunteers to be happy doing what they’re doing!” After all, helping others is very rewarding.

Our aim is to further educate and inform people and by joining the organisation you may get the opportunity to train and attend conferences abroad, providing you with a chance of networking with other organisations to further get ERRC’s name out there.”



Meet the Volunteers!

Monique Falconi is one of approximately 100 volunteers within the organisation and despite being only in her second year, she has dedicated a lot of her own personal time to ERRC with great passion and sacrifice.

I think this state of mind, of being always alert, is what tires you most”, Monique says as she shares with us what 40 hours a week on a tower for 5 months feels like. However, spending 8 to 9 hours a day consistently scanning for something that is wrong comes with a great reward, and that is the capability of saving a LIFE!



When faced with 1000 possible ways of dealing with a patient you need to be able to “Think fast, clearly and methodically” to prioritize what you’re doing as fast you can, in a controlled manner to avoid making mistakes. After all the success to any incident is not how fast or capable you alone are, but the team you are in.

 We as lifeguards back each other up and teach one another to grow stronger as a community, who is, as ERRC’s motto states, ‘Striving for the safety of others’.”


ERRC Team Reporting for Duty!

Interested in the amazing and invaluable work the #ERRC #Volunteers and staff do on a daily basis?🚨JOIN THE TEAM 🚨What do you need? The ONE and ONLY requirement to join our organization is Determination!Send us a Facebook Message, email or call us!📧 📞+356 2707 2652Make sure you follow our page to not miss our future productions which we are currently working on! The ERRC media team thanks Amadeo Bezzina for donating his time and expertise to help in the production filming and editing of this video!

Publiée par Emergency Response Rescue Corps sur Lundi 29 avril 2019

Whilst Monique represents the frontal aspect of the organisation, there is another interesting but different side to ERRC and that is its inner workings.

 Twenty-two-year-old, Justin Micallef, who forms part of the organisation’s administration is a great driving force in this regard. Being in charge of three boats and three jet skis, to dismantling one whole boat alone, fixing it and putting it all back together, is just a snippet of Justin’s dedicated time to volunteering with ERRC.



Considering the fact that most of the volunteers are full-time students, Justin suggests that gaining academic recognition for the time and work each student devotes to the organisation, which often goes unnoticed, would be very helpful! Furthermore, he hopes that “as an organisation we get to grow further more so that our work within the organisation can be better shared amongst more people”, thus making it an even more pluralistic and enjoyable experience!



Empahsizing on what Monique mentioned, Justin states that as a boat driver carrying 10 people, he has the responsibility of each and every one of them, hence “it is more than just about being present for me, it requires great dedication.” However, he states that, “The greatest satisfaction of all is seeing something you’ve shed your blood and tears on turn out to be a great success to be used and seen by many!”


If you are interested to join the team you can simply get in contact with ERRC at any point by sending them an email. Also have a look at their socials listed down below!

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