WATCH: Entire Car And Tonnes Of Litter Cleaned From Paradise Bay Seabed

The amount of waste that’s at the bottom of our beloved beaches and sea is absolutely unbelievable. Any diver or snorkeler can tell you that Malta’s seabeds are in quite a worrying state.

You might not throw rubbish directly in the sea, but littering on land also contributes to sea littering; all it takes is a few gusts of wind to carry all the garbage into the water, and onto the seabed.

The seabed’s got it all… from plastic, to metal, tyres, other kind of rubbish… and even cars.

Over the weekend, Paradise Bay, one of Malta’s most popular beaches, got cleaned by the people behind Raniero’s adventure. Their video showing a “quick look” of what was removed from the sea throughout the day will leave you speeches..

Paradise Bay 1min. Video of today's clean-up.

Just a Quick LOOK at today's Clean-up at Paradise Bay

Publiée par Raniero's Adventures – Live Life sur Samedi 27 juin 2020

The video is only a minute long, but the activists make sure to show the sorry state of what they found; from hundreds of plastic bottles to an actual car.

3,000 kg of litter, which is the equivalent of 3 tonnes, was picked up throughout the beach clean-up.

Well done to the people behind Raniero’s Adveture, for trying their best to keep Malta clean and tidy.


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