WATCH: Emma Muscat Is Back with The Perfect Summer Single – Sangria!


The splendid voice of Emma Muscat, this year’s Best Female Award at the Bay Music Awards, together with that of teen idol Astol is the perfect summer fusion in this raggaeton-inspired, Latin American rhythms hit. Emma’s exciting new single is “Sangria”, featuring Astol, released last week!


“Sangria” is all about a young love story set in the vibrant heat of the summer months, where the gorgeous orangey-red colours of Sangria – the drink – reflects the colours of sunset on long, hot summer evenings. The upbeat tempo of Sangria is a trigger that sets free a flood of joyful emotions and the excitement of falling in love, all in a long summer day that for this young couple, never seems to end. Together yet now apart.

“I first got to know Astol last year. We also performed together at an event in Italy a few months ago” Emma tells Bay. “We hit if off immediately and ever since have been discussing the possibility of working on a song together.  A few months ago, I felt I had created the ideal summer song. I contacted him immediately, sent him my demo! He loved it! He was super enthusiastic and that very same day recorded his vocals in his part of the song and sent them to me!”


Malta's finest recognised during Bay Music Awards 2020


Sangria’s accompanying music video is a production and boasts among its directors Colin Azzopardi, who has previously worked on various documentaries and music videos, popular TV series like Game of Thrones and Oscar and Emmy award winning films.

The video for Sangria portrays Emma located on the splendid island of Malta, set against a background of the beautiful Mediterranean, the famous blue waters of the Blue Lagoon, the majestic baroque city of Valletta together with the historical Grand Harbour and Fort St Angelo.

Well, what can we really say? This is giving us all the summer feels, and making us thirsty too!