WATCH! Emily in Paris Is Renewed for Season 2!


Pack your bags and raise a coupe de Champagne ladies and gents…we’re going back to Paris! (except not really) … The Darren Star Netflix comedy starring Lily Collins, “Emily in Paris”, has just been renewed for a second season and needless to say, WE’RE READY.



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Although a premiere date for season 2 has not yet been announced, the Netflix Parisian romcom is expected to return to production next spring in 2021 on location in Paris, France.

Star also shared that it has not yet been decided on whether or not the novel pandemic will be written into its creative, adding, “I have ideas, but I think it’s a big question mark about what effect that has on the show and the storytelling”.



And while we are on creative, you simply have got to love the way in which season 2 was announced – through a letter from Savoir’s Sylvie Grateau, written in true Sylvie style – the one which we all love to hate to love!



As for Collins, she’s ready to dive into the next season, “All of us are incredibly grateful”, she shared, “And the cast and crew, we’re really hoping to get the green light for season 2”.



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Deux is always better than un 😉

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But for the time being…Au Revoir, Emily!



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