WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Objectifies Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi


Ellen DeGeneres is being accused of sexualising and objectifying the Euphoria star Jacob Elordi during an interview on The Ellen Show. The interview first started on a positive note as they chatted about Australia and his hometown.


However, Ellen’s focus turned to the 24-year-old’s nude scenes in Euphoria. She pointed out the fact that Elordi, playing the manipulative and abusive teenager Nate Jacobs, had a lot of nude scenes in the show.


Jacob Elordi Addresses His Many Nude Scenes on 'Euphoria'


She asked him about how it feels and if the scriptwriters consulted with him about how the frequent nudity made him feel. He replied: “You have no choice. Every scene is like, “He sleeps with this person, he does this with this person naked… I’ve done some movies where it’s like [my character] goes to the mall shirtless. And you’re like, “Why?”


Then, Ellen responded: “Well because look at you, that’s why.” Elordi could be seen feeling uncomfortable as he started to sip his drink awkwardly. Viewers of the show were shocked by this comment and called her out, “really not loving Ellen anymore or her vibe.”



Despite the backlash, Jacob Elordi took to Instagram stories with an image of himself during the show saying “I love Ellen.”