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WATCH: Elderly Maltese-Australian Lady Sends Heart-Warming Message to Maltese Brother

A video has been doing the rounds on socials lately, of a Maltese-Australian elderly woman currently residing in Mackay Queensland in Australia, seemingly on a quest to find her Maltese brother, Salvu Buttigieg.

The post got plenty of shares, and in fact, one local news portal even got in contact with Salvu himself, only to find that Salvu is in fact, contacts his sister once a month.

Kelina still shares this heart-warming message for her bother who is miles and miles away,when given the opportunity.

Salvo buttigieg Xarra street Zabbar Malta. Please share to gets to him to see his beautiful sister Kalina living in Mackay Queensland

Publiée par Maltese People In Malta all by Lillian Chetcuti Riolo sur Lundi 17 février 2020

When her voice starts breaking at the 0:30 mark… my heart just breaks for her!

“Salvu, this is your sister Kelina. How are you? I’m now very ill and very old, but what can you do? They take good care of me here and I’m really happy. I love you, send my regards to your children and everyone else I know,” she says in the video.

What a sweetheart!