WATCH: Eileen Montesin IS The Queen Of Tik Tok

Over the past couple of years, Eileen has given us a tonne of iconic moments.

From her days as Sossy, to Becky in Undercover and Dejjem Tieghek Becky, and lately Family Affair. From Drama Comedies to talk show presenter, my god, this woman can do it all.

We’ve always known she’s had a knack for presenting, and if her ‘Ara Doris, Hello’ moment is not enough proof of that, I don’t know what will convince you.

This woman has been entertaining us for years, and you either love her or hate her, but how can you hate a woman who is as Maltese as they get, and is unapologetically herself in everything she does?!?!

She’s dominated TV, she was popular as a radio host, so really and truly, it was only a matter of time until she dominated the latest social media trend. I’m talking about none other than Tik Tok!

Lately, clips taken from Family Affair have been used as audios on Tik Tok, and we are living for them. One user in particular user, however, has been killing it with his perfect Eileen impersonations.

I mean, Eileen’s hilarious moments are already iconic within themselves, but the way this guy does it … everything from the looks, to the way he moves and the props … genius.

Cos what’s wrong with making some small talk on a caller, live, on air? Absolutely nothing, of course
@mrstefangermanotta♬ original sound – mrstefangermanotta

This should legit be every presenter’s reaction when a caller doesn’t win
@naomistyles_xxxPart 2 🤣🤣 “UX OKAY!!” ##eileenmontesin ##funny ##malta ##teledrammi ##impressions♬ original sound – teledrammi

We just love how wholesome she is
@mrstefangermanotta♬ original sound – mrstefangermanotta

And no matter how hard we look, we keep circling to this guy… no one does Eilieen as good as he does!

Always prepared for any kind of caller
@mrstefangermanotta♬ original sound – mrstefangermanotta

The queen of handling connectivity problems
@teledrammi♬ original sound – teledrammi

And if all else fails, talk about the weather, of course!
@teledrammi♬ original sound – teledrammi

Oh Eileen, we absolutely adore you!