WATCH: Eileen il-Queen’s Reaction To Today’s Storm is All We Hoped For and More


DROP EVERYTHING: Eileen Montesin has just given us the most relatable Summer 2020 moment. Following days, weeks and months of sweltering heat, today’s breezy, cosy weather was welcomed by many, including TV Icon herself Eileen Montesin.



To start off, anyone who says they don’t relate to this hilarious footage right here is “a giddieb, mil-kbar.”

Secondly, Malta’s Own TV Queen and Legend always knows exactly what we need, to make us feel good and bring a smile to our faces.



Lastly, with Buckets at the ready to water her garden, Eileen waited for the rain amidst all the thunder…but to no avail. Until then it hit, and we were treated to Eileen’s own “Rain on Me” moment!

Therefore, we’re calling it! What we need is a Petition for Lady Gaga to remake the Rain on Me video, featuring this iconic moment.

Happy Weekend, and don’t forget to smile!

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