WATCH: Dream Malta Now, Visit Later” – MTA Launches post COVID-19 Campaign


‘Dream Malta Now…Visit Later’ is the name of a promotional campaign that the Malta Tourism Authority launched yesterday, intending to remind potential visitors about the beauty that awaits them in Malta once it becomes possible for people to start travelling again.

Using a 60-second video clip produced in fourteen different languages, the campaign will be conducted primarily online and will be accompanied by a series of social media posts promoting the same message.



Commenting on this campaign, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli said that, “When faced with a challenging scenario like the one we are experiencing at the moment, a common reaction is that of halting all marketing and retreating completely from the scene.

However, this was not the philosophy adopted by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Government of Malta. On the contrary, we devised a campaign, oriented towards different areas of interest, through which we aim to provide prospective visitors with a taste of the Maltese islands and entice them to visit at a later date.” 



Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer at the Malta Tourism Authority Carlo Micallef stated that even though international tourism is at a standstill, the work of MTA’s marketing team went on unabated. “At the moment, we are conducting various inspirational campaigns in a number of countries with the aim of keeping Malta, Gozo, and Comino top of mind for those who will one day become future visitors to our islands.”



Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Tourism Authority Johann Buttigieg explained that, in addition to marketing, MTA is also busy with projects aimed at improving the infrastructure as well as the levels of service provided through a programme of training for staff involved in the tourism sector. “One has to keep in mind that, as soon as the COVID-19 crisis is over, competition among tourism destinations will be fiercer than ever.

So, it is imperative that we are among the front runners when this occurs and that, together with our industry stakeholders, we can provide the best possible product to attract visitors to Malta as we were doing before the pandemic started.”

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