WATCH: Dr Lydia Abela And Daughter Giorgia Mae Pay Cute Pups At Animal Sanctuary A Visit

Earlier this week, wife of Malta’s Prime Minister, Lydia Abela, together with their adorable daughter, Giorga Mae, paid a visit to the Association for Abandoned Animals to present a donation on behalf of Malta Together.

“During these difficult times, it has been brought to our attention that Animal Sanctuaries all over the island are suffering with lack of resources and volunteers, so we teamed up with Malta Together to give a donation to the AAA, in hopes that it will help them get through these difficult times.”

L-ewwel żjara tiegħi relatata mal-annimali

Flimkien ma’ Giorgia daloghdu żort is-santwarju tal-AAA fejn flimkien mal-voluntiera rajt l-istat li jinżamm il-post u smajt dak li kellhom x'jgħiduli dawk li jgħixu din ir-realta ta kuljum.Kif wegħdt fl-ewwel ftit jiem li okkupajt dan ir-rwol ser nagħmel ħilti kollha biex id-drittijiet tal-annimali jieħdu prominenza fis-soċjetà Maltija tal-llum.Association for Abandoned Animals | Malta Together | Moira Delia

Publiée par Lydia Abela sur Vendredi 15 mai 2020

Greeting each other by touching elbows, Lydia and Giorgia Mae proceeded to spend some time with the adorable rescued dogs.

“We’re always in need of bedding, food, volunteers and any donations that can come our way. If you’d like to lend a hand, we currently have 80 dogs under our care,” an AAA representative shares.

Urging people to adopt dogs if they’re in a position to do so, Lydia Abela thanks the staff and volunteers of the sanctuary for their hard work, and the people behind Malta Together for their donation.

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